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By her early thirties, Rachel Machacek realized she was not terribly adroit at dating. At all. And it seemed like she kept running into the same roadblocks over and over again: Too short, too tall, no chemistry, or simply not meeting anyone new to date.

So she concocted an experiment to launch her love life into warp speed. The project: To experiment with all the dating resources out there just to see what would happen–and with, of course, the hope of stumbling or happening upon, (heck, even brushing by) a relationship.

Rachel dated men she met online, through single’s events and friends, paid matchmakers to set her up, used advice from dating self-help books, worked with a dating coach and even traveled outside of her home in Washington, DC, to date men in other cities. Just to see.

The results were…unexpected. From the awkward, funny, exciting and sometimes ridiculously embarrassing ritual of dating (some 60 odd men), Rachel learned what it would take to put herself out there, to dump her checklist of the impossible ideal and rally against the fear of rejection.

The Science of Single is not only a hilarious and insightful account of dating in the modern age where there are so many outlets how dare one be single, but one woman’s epiphany about what’s truly important to her.

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