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Visions of Love

Two days til V-Day. It’s a bloody retail explosion. I’ve included some faves, not a single stuffed bear because those are gross, and one questionable item I can’t decide if I or anyone should like, buy or consume.

valentine's day tree


Starr Hill Love Beer


chocolate candy

OK, can we talk about the Pinot Noir that comes in a RED PURSE-SHAPED BOX? (I didn’t buy it. I should have. The price point was too high and I couldn’t re-use the purse.)


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  • I’ve never been big on Valentine’s, which is odd, because I’m a shameless romantic pretty much all the time. I think I just sort of rebel at the commercialism of it all. I don’t like Hallmark telling me when to be romantic, I guess.

  • Wellllll, St. Valentine’s Day has been around longer than Hallmark. But I get not wanting to let Hallmark telling HOW to spend the day. I’m still wearing pink. I don’t care what any stupid card company says.

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