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Best Valentine’s Day Card Ever

Construction paper? Lindsey Lohan? Wordplay? This card has everything.


Lindsey Lohan Valentine


Valentine's Day Card

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  • After your reply to my last comment, I see you (in my mind) sitting on your couch, dressed head-to-toe in pink, opening this card from your pile of cards from your many admirers.

    I hope you and your fella have big plans (or even small plans) for the day. :)

  • Your were correct except for one thing. It should read: “sitting on your couch, dressed head-to-toe in pink PAJAMAS.”

  • Kelly Revenaugh

    All the charm of a homemade card kids make but much, much better.


  • My favorite, from a friend I flirted with in college.

    FRONT: On Valentine’s Day . . . wanna get laid!???
    OPEN CARD . . .
    INSIDE: Then crawl up a chicken’s ass and wait!

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