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French Lessons

Here’s another lesson from a cool video called “Long Live the Kings.” French Guys with French Hair on French Motorcycles. Be sure to watch to the scene of one of them pulling sardines from a can with a knife and licking the blade. Mon Dieu. But mostly, listen to the part with this quote. (Don’t just read the quote. You need to listen to it with the guy and his French Accent. Means so much more.)

“We wanted to cross the mountains so we went to the mountains. And one thing that we did learn from that experience is that you don’t really cross a mountain, it just lets you through. Some roads are closed, some can be dangerous, and some of those, well, they just lead to nowhere. So it’s no playground here, you just gotta go where you’re allowed to.”

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  • Interesting. Between the scenery and the music choices… were it not for the French accent of the narrator, it could easily have been a documentary of three guys doing a motorcycle tour of the American west. Cinematically, it uses the same archetypes. (Finally, putting my film-school education to some good use!)

    As for crossing mountains, I suppose it’s similar to why I hike. Minus the motorcycles, the road, the hotels, etc. :)

  • I’m pretty sure the hair is the differentiating factor here. FRENCH HAIR. Kinda awesome. Kinda dirty. You can kinda smell it.

  • bo

    Rachel= those guys aren’t french. they are american and one half-brit. the bikes are ratted out bmw’s from the 70′s. the hair, well, that may be french. more likely just typical unkempt riding hair.

    sorry to burst your bubble.

  • just go with it. the message here is what’s important.

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