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Yoga Camp Lessons

During my three weeks at yoga camp in November, I learned a few things. Not just about how to cue Vrksasana (tree), my favorite pose and Bhujangasana (cobra), the pose with the coolest sounding name (seriously say it out loud right now [boo-jang-ahhs-anna] and tell me I’m wrong). I got a little closer to myself. I experienced moments in meditation during which I seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thought I would levitate. Seriously. And there was one day I cried for two hours straight. Couldn’t stop. I’d encountered some obstacles.

We worked hard in small spaces with people we were just getting to know. There was no door to the bathroom in my bungalow fit for three. Shoot, the wall between the sleeping space and the toiley didn’t even go all the way up. Our longest physical training class was from 2 to 5 pm in the hot afternoon sun. But there was always the sound of the ocean rolling and crashing right there. Right there. Always present. Soothing, but then sometimes I wished there was a volume control because I couldn’t always hear the spiritual lesson. Dang ocean. We OMed easily 10x a day. We OMed it in for every meditation, class and lesson. And then we OMed it out when we were done. Sometimes we sounded like dying sheep. Others, it was a resounding harmony of full-bodied church bells. The primordial sound of the universe at creation. We manifested our desires. I did this by shouting mine into the ocean under the new moon.

It was a very special moment and time. Now that I’m back in regular life, I’m incorporating the things we learned. Here are some basic lessons that I follow about 93 percent of the time.

1. First thing in the morning, scrape your tongue. And then use your neti pot. Gets out the gunk. Feels good.

2. Do some breathing exercises. (Anuloma Viloma is my fave. This video is also amazing.) Then meditate. Even if it’s just for five minutes.

3. Look for the good in people and know that even if they are challenging to work with, they are probably doing their best.

4. Once you stop judging others, you can stop judging yourself. Works the other way around, too.

5. Ask for what you want. Seriously, when you ask the universe for something, it will deliver exactly what you ask for in a timely fashion. I didn’t believe it before yoga camp, but I believe it now.

6. Eat fruit alone.

And here is that loud-ass ocean:

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  • Amanda

    You summed it up beautifully Rachel! As much as I grew to love each of you yogi sisters and skinny-dipping was so exhilarating, I will forever be grateful for my own bungalow and using the toilet in privacy! xxoo

  • Ha! And I will forever be jealous of the private bungalows!

  • Katharine

    Yogi sister, Thank You for the memories of our time together. You put a beautiful smile on my face with the memories of our Omed in Omed out sounds, our skinny dipping giggles and our ocean manifesting shouting. xo Namaste

  • You are welcome. Love and light…

  • Okay, so I totally mis-read “eat fruit alone” that one should eat fruit, literally, by themselves. Good thing I followed the link. Yes, I know, I am weird.

    All-in-all, it sounds like a very awesome experience… well, except maybe the shared housing (maybe I’m just burnt out after several months of hostel ‘livin). I wonder, when you refer to asking the universe for things, are you headed down “The Secret” path in your life philosophy?

  • I haven’t actually read The Secret. So I dunno if that’s my new life philosophy. I will keep you posted!

    I suppose you could eat the fruit alone (by yourself) and alone (by itself). Put all your energy into eating that one thing. I bet it tastes different! (but yes, I did mean just don’t eat fruit with other foods.)

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